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Storing Container Data in Azure Blob Storage

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Using Docker volumes is the preferred method of locally storing container data. Volume support is built directly into Docker, making it an easy tool to use for storage, as well as more portable. However, storing container data in Docker volumes still requires us to back up the data in those volumes on our own. There is another option: storing our container data in the Cloud. It's not a solution for every problem, but this lab demonstrates another tool at our disposal.

This lab shows how to mount a Blob Storage container onto our local system as a directory. We will then mount that directory into our Docker container. We will use an httpd container to serve the contents of that bucket as a webpage, but we can use it to share any common data between containers. This will demonstrate how flexible Docker can be. We can make changes to our bucket, and all our containers using the Blob Storage container will near-instantly have access to the content.

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