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Creating Tables and Inserting Data in MySQL

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In this lab, we've been tasked with creating two new tables for our company's corporate database. Once they're created, we need to insert some data into each of them. This will give us some hands-on experience in creating tables and inserting data for databases in a MySQL server.

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Creating Tables and Inserting Data in MySQL

The Scenario

Our company needs a couple more tables in the corporate database. We've got to create them, then insert some data into each one.

Getting Logged In

Use the credentials and server IP in the hands-on lab overview page to log into our lab server. Refer back to that page for other usernames and passwords as we need them.

Surveying the Landscape

Let's get into MySQL and peek around:

[cloud_user@host]$ mysql -u root -p


This should list out several databases. The one we're going to use is corporate, so from the prompt, type:

mysql> USE corporate;

Create Tables

Now we're going to create a products table, then an orders table:

mysql> CREATE TABLE products (productID INT PRIMARY KEY, productType VARCHAR(50), operatingSystem VARCHAR(50));
mysql> mysql> CREATE TABLE orders (orderID INT PRIMARY KEY, userName VARCHAR(50) UNIQUE, orderType VARCHAR(255), purchaseDate DATE);

We can check them both, to see if they got built properly:

mysql> DESCRIBE products;
mysql> DESCRIBE orders;

Insert Data

Insert Some Products

mysql> INSERT INTO products (productID,productType,operatingSystem) VALUES (1,'laptop','ubuntu'),(2,'desktop','windows'),(3,'server','rhel');`
mysql> SELECT * FROM products;

The SELECT statement in there will show us whether we got our data inserted properly or not.

Insert Order Data

mysql> INSERT INTO orders (orderID,userName,orderType,purchaseDate) VALUES (1,'aaron','laptop','2018-02-23'),(2,'stosh','desktop','2018-01-25'),(3,'kenny','server','2019-12-10');`
mysql> SELECT * FROM orders;

We should see three rows of data in the orders table now.


We did it. We created two new database tables, and populated them with some information. Congratulations!