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The Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator, or EX 200, exam is one of the most highly regarded entry-level exams in the Linux world. The skills you learn while preparing for the exam will not only prepare you to pass the exam itself, but also to perform real-world activities in a real production environment. Instead of a multiple-choice test, the exam takes place in a real environment. This makes the RHCSA an extremely desirable certification. This hands-on lab will walk you through similar scenarios to those you may find on the exam and will provide insight to the preparations you need to make to pass the exam. Please note, this exam should be taken after you have completed the RHCSA course. This practice exam should not necessarily be used as a study guide, but as a readiness indicator. The repo/GPG key required for the exam can be found here:

What are Hands-On Labs?

Hands-On Labs are scenario-based learning environments where learners can practice without consequences. Don't compromise a system or waste money on expensive downloads. Practice real-world skills without the real-world risk, no assembly required.