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Enabling MultiAZ and Deploying a Read Replica with AWS RDS

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Welcome to this live AWS environment where we will be working with the Relational Database Service (RDS).

NOTE: This lab will take 15 minutes to spin up.

This activity will provide you with hands-on experience with:

1) Enabling Multi-AZ and Backups
2) Creating a read replica
3) Promoting a read replica
4) Updating the RDS endpoint in Route53

Multi-AZ and read replicas serve different purposes with RDS. Multi-AZ is strictly for failover, as the standby instances cannot be read from by an application. Read replicas are used for improved performance and migrations. With read replicas, you can write to the primary database and read from the read replica. Because a read replica can be promoted to be the primary database, it makes for a great tool in disaster recovery and migrations.

Good luck and enjoy the Learning Activity!

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