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Configure Application Level Rules within Azure Firewall

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Azure Firewall is a cloud-native network security service that can be used to protect your Azure Virtual Network resources. Devices on a Virtual Network, such as Virtual Machines, by default, have access to the Internet (but usually not the other way around). Azure Firewall allows you to control access to the Internet from your Virtual Machines.

In this lab, we will create an application-level rule in an Azure Firewall deployed in a Virtual Network to allow the Virtual Machine(s) to have access to a specific internet site. The preconfigured network will consist of three subnets, one with a jump box that you can remote into, another subnet with an application server, and the third subnet with the Azure Firewall.

We will remote int the jump box, and from there remote into the application server. Once there, we will see that access to the Internet is disabled. We will then open a connection to in the firewall and then check that the application server can now access it.

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