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Using Azure Functions with C#

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In this lab, you will gain experience using C#, Visual Studio, and Azure Functions.

You will build an Azure Function using C# code that is triggered by a webhook and saves data to Azure Storage Tables using a Table Binding. You will run a console application to see everything working and will verify the table data was saved using the Azure Storage Explorer. Finally, you will check the Azure portal to ensure telemetry data was saved to App Insights.

Upon completion of the lab, you will have gained the experience required to work with Azure Functions using C#.

Correction: Use West US for this lab.


The user interface of the Azure Portal has changed since this lab was published. The steps are the same but now use a slightly different UI in the portal.

At 2:16 of the first solution video, you are instructed to leave the hosting plan set to Consumption Plan. This will cause the lab to fail. Please change the consumption plan to App Service Plan and change the SKU and Size to Standard S1.

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