Optimizing Docker Builds with OnBuild

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Optimizing Docker Builds with OnBuild Onward, onward, On...Build? Inspired by the speed & resourcefulness that you have shown while completing various tasks, the Radar Board (The official SpaceBones government tech team) have now decided to begin to kinda work towards the eventual implementation of a full CI/CD pipeline environment... maybe. Don't worry, the majority of this task will land squarely on the shoulders of those noble ladies & gents, but -- based on President Squawk's sparking recommendation based on your performance thus far -- the Radar Board have requested your assistance with one task as they prepare a Saltstack backend.

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Using the Dockerfile stored under ~/content-dockerquest-spacebones/salt-example/salt-master/, create a new parent image for the salt-master Docker container named tablesalt:master. All commands on docker-entrypoint.sh should only execute on CHILD images.

Good luck!