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Command Line Basics

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In this hands-on lab we will try out some command line basics. Becoming comfortable with the command line is an important step in a career using and managing Linux systems, and in this excersize we will review the currently logged in users, as well as users that have logged in previously.

What are Hands-On Labs?

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Command Line Basics


In this hands-on lab we will try out some command line basics.

Connecting to the Lab

  1. Open your terminal application, and run the following command (remember to replace <PUBLIC_IP> with the public IP you were provided on the lab instructions page):
    ssh cloud_user@<PUBLIC_IP>
  2. Enter yes at the prompt.
  3. Enter your cloud_user password at the prompt.

Determine the Current Working Directory

  1. Use the following command to determine the current working directory:
  2. Change your working directory to your user's home directory.
    cd ~
  3. Verify that we are now in the /home/cloud_user directory.

Determine Which Users Are Currently on the System and the Last Users to Log In

  1. Determine if any other users are currently logged in to the system.
  2. Determine which users last logged in to the system and when the system was last booted.

Record Your Findings in /home/cloud_user

  1. Write the output of the previous commands into a new file in the cloud_user home directory.
    w > log.txt
    last >> log.txt
  2. View the contents of the file we just created.
    cat log.txt


Congratulations, you've successfully completed this hands-on lab!