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Streaming Video with Amazon S3, CloudFront, and Elastic Transcoder

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In this hands-on lab, we will learn how to transcode a video file to a different video file format using AWS Elastic Transcoder. A common use case is to transcode a .mov file to an .mp4 file because typically .mp4 files are much smaller in size and more practical for users to view over the internet. In this lab, we are going to transcode an .mp4 file to a different resolution .mp4 file to allow students with slower internet speeds to complete the lab. We will create input and output S3 buckets and then upload the provided video file (included in the instructions for this lab). We will then create a CloudFront distribution, which will stream the output file to an HTML page. Finally, we will create an AWS Elastic Transcoder pipeline that will transcode the input file and send it to the output S# file. The CloudFront distribution can then stream the output file to an HTML page.

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