Running Your First Docker Container

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Install docker from the default CentOS 7 repository

After logging into the server, install the latest version of Docker using yum.

$ sudo yum -y install docker

enable & start docker service

Once installation completes, enable & start the service using systemd.

$ systemctl enable docker
$ systemctl start docker

user permissions

Create a new group named docker, then add the cloud_user user to the group.

$ sudo groupadd docker
$ sudo usermod -aG docker cloud_user


After starting *& enabling Docker, run the hello-world container image to verify installation.

$ docker run

pull images

After getting a valid return message from the hello-world image, pull the following images into your Docker repository to prepare for the next exercise.

  • 06kellyjac/nyancat
  • jeremy646/doge
docker pull 06kellyjac/nyancat
docker pull jeremy646/doge