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Routing Azure Resource Logs

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Diagnostic logs provide rich, frequent data about the operation of an Azure resource. Azure Monitor makes the following two types of diagnostic logs available.

  • Tenant logs: These logs come from tenant-level services that exist outside of an Azure subscription, such as Azure Active Directory logs.

  • Resource logs: These logs come from Azure services that deploy resources within an Azure subscription, such as network security groups or Storage accounts.

In this hands-on lab, we discuss how to make resource logs available to other Azure services such as Azure Storage and Azure Monitor.Today, we assume the role of an Azure administrator for Coder Analytics, Inc. We are currently utilizing an Azure SQL database for our production data mining software. We've been asked by several other groups to maintain logging data for this database.

  • IT management would like to see an overview of SQL logging and metrics.
  • IT security would like to maintain a copy of the logging data for archival purposes.

In this lab, we take a look at the various services where we can route this monitoring data. We then generate sample data and view it in each of these services.

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