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Build a Network with OpenStack Neutron

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Build a Network with OpenStack Neutron In this live lab, you are tasked with building networks for an OpenStack environment using the OpenStack CLI or Horizon dashboard. The networks should be connected to a router named router1, & floating IPs should be able to be allocated to any VMs connected to Pinenet. Good luck!

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  • Create a private network for the admin project named pinenet
openstack network create pinenet
  • create private subnet named pinenet_sub on the subnet
openstack subnet create pinenet_sub 
--network pinenet --subnet-range 
  • Create a public network named public on the subnet
openstack network create --share --external 
    --provider-network-type flat --provider-physical-network extnet public
  • create a public subnet named public_subnet on the subnet with the gateway IP & DNS nameserver DHCP should NOT be enabled.
openstack subnet create --network public --subnet-range 
    --no-dhcp --dns-nameserver --gateway public_subnet
  • create a router named router1
openstack router create router1
  • set public network as router gw
openstack router set --external-gateway public router1
  • add the internal interface to router1
openstack router add subnet router1 pinenet_sub