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Using Azure Automation and PowerShell DSC

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In this Hands-On-Lab, we have a scenario in which your organization has an ongoing problem with Virtual Machines getting unauthorized changes. This is impacting productivity because it is taking time to get them reconfigured the way they are supposed to be setup. The organization has already reduced the number of employees that have administrative access and is also in the process of setting up policies. These reductions limit what can be changed on the server, but the policy has a lengthy list of additions that will not be implemented fully for a few weeks. Management wants a quick solution in the meantime. <br>


We will be utilizing DSC to ensure that the Virtual Machine contains the minimal components as defined in the organization's corporate requirements. This is important because if you have standard configuration/software for Virtual Machines, it helps keep things uniform and makes it easier to troubleshoot in the event of a potential failure.

At the end of this hands-on lab, you will have the following learning outcomes:

  • Have an understanding of what DSC is and how to set it up
  • Be able to deploy DSC and become knowledgable of the main components of DSC
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