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Initial Firewall Configuration

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In this lab you will need to perform a few simple firewall configurations. These configurations include replacing all ports with services, adding interface ETH0 to the default zone, creating a firewalld service for, changing the port of ssh service from 22 to 61613 and reloading to apply all the rules. By the end of the lab it is important to not have any port definitions within firewall configuration. Everything should be defined with a service. The benefit of these services is that they have a name and a description by which you or anybody can know what the port is used for. Otherwise, you will have a situation where there are many opened ports, and not know what each of them are for. First of all, in order to be able to replace all ports with service, you need to create a firewalld service for After that you will need to change the port of SSH service from port 22 to port 61613. After all changes are made you need to reload to apply all the rules.

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