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Aggregating and Analyzing Data with Elastic Stack Modules

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The Elastic Stack provides a plethora of Beat clients to collect and ship all kinds of data. Furthermore, each Beat client also utilizes modules that come pre-packaged with all the configurations, Elasticsearch index templates, ingest pipelines, and Kibana dashboards. Using these modules allows anyone to quickly get up and running with the Elastic Stack. In this hands-on lab, you will deploy and configure a three-node Elasticsearch cluster; generate and deploy Elasticsearch node certificates; encrypt the Elasticsearch transport cluster; enable user authentication and set built-in user passwords; deploy and configure Kibana to connect to Elasticsearch; deploy and configure Filebeat; enable and use the system module in Filebeat to collect, ship, parse, and visualize system log files; deploy and configure Metricbeat; use the system module in Metricbeat to collect, ship, and visualize system telemetry data in Kibana; and explore the Kibana user interface and analyze your system log and telemetry data.

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