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Istio in Docker

Hands-On Lab


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In this hands-on lab, we will be installing Istio into a Docker environment. We'll deploy an application and using routing rules to version it.

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Istio in Docker

The Scenario

Our organization has determined that we need to provide application versioning for our Docker-deployed application. We will need to install Istio and deploy the bookinfo application. Then we'll need to verify that it is loading only version 1 of the application (which has no review stars). Afterward, we'll need to route traffic to version 3 of the application (which has red stars).

Log In

Log in to the environment using the credentials provided on the lab page, either in a terminal session on your local machine or by clicking Instant Terminal.

Install Istio and Its Dependencies for Docker, Then Deploy the bookinfo Application

Install docker-compose and make it executable:

[cloud_user@host]$ sudo curl -L "" -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose  
[cloud_user@host]$ sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose

We'll run docker-compose real quick, just to make sure it works before we proceed. We'll see its help output if all is well.

Now we can download Istio and unpack it:

[cloud_user@host]$ wget
[cloud_user@host]$ tar -xvf istio-1.0.6-linux.tar.gz

Pre-configure kubectl for pilot:

[cloud_user@host]$ kubectl config set-context istio --cluster=istio
[cloud_user@host]$ kubectl config set-cluster istio --server=http://localhost:8080
[cloud_user@host]$ kubectl config use-context istio

Create a DOCKER_GATEWAY environment variable:

[cloud_user@host]$ export DOCKER_GATEWAY=

Bring up Istio's control plane:

[cloud_user@host]$ docker-compose -f ./istio-1.0.6/install/consul/istio.yaml up -d

> Remember that this may need to be repeated to ensure the pilot container starts.

Change bookinfo.yaml, and set port 30080 instead of port 9081:

[cloud_user@host]$ sed -i 's/9081/30080/' ./istio-1.0.6/samples/bookinfo/platform/consul/bookinfo.yaml

Bring up the application:

[cloud_user@host]$ docker-compose -f ./istio-1.0.6/samples/bookinfo/platform/consul/bookinfo.yaml up -d

Bring up the sidecars:

[cloud_user@host]$ docker-compose -f ./istio-1.0.6/samples/bookinfo/platform/consul/bookinfo.sidecars.yaml up -d

Point a browser at the public IP address of the server, on the correct port: _http://<PUBLIC_SERVER_IP>:30080/productpage_.

Route Application Traffic to reviews Version 1 and Confirm that Version 1 (with No Stars) is Loading

Route traffic to version 1

[cloud_user@host]$ kubectl apply -f ./istio-1.0.6/samples/bookinfo/platform/consul/destination-rule-all.yaml
[cloud_user@host]$ kubectl apply -f ./istio-1.0.6/samples/bookinfo/platform/consul/virtual-service-all-v1.yaml

If we refresh our web browser (the one we already had open looking at the application) we get no stars in the reviews section.

Route the Traffic to Version 3 of the reviews Service (with Red Stars)

We need to modify the routing service subsets to read the labels for Version 3. Edit istio-1.0.6/samples/bookinfo/platform/consul/virtual-service-all-v1.yaml (using whatever text editor you like) and change this:

- destination:
        host: reviews.service.consul
        subset: v1

to this:

- destination:
        host: reviews.service.consul
        subset: v3

Then apply the changes with:

[cloud_user@host]$ kubectl apply -f ./istio-1.0.6/samples/bookinfo/platform/consul/virtual-service-all-v1.yaml

Now if we refresh our web browser, we'll see red stars in the reviews section.


We used Istio and Docker to deploy an application, then we made sure routing rules were sending traffic to whichever targets (versions of a backend service in this case) we wanted. We're done. Congratulations!