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Security in Jenkins

Hands-On Lab


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Michael McClaren

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In this hands on lab you will be tasked with configuring security contexts in Jenkins. You will be required to create and apply nested folders for your company and ensure that uses only have access to items that are with in their scope. During this lab we will see how configuration changes apply to the over all security within Jenkins and what affect the security contexts have at each of the different levels.

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The company has failed a security audit and it has been determined that stricter security needs to be implemented on all servers and services, this includes the Jenkins server. To this end you will need to create folders for the jobs that are on the jenkins server. There are 3 users that need to be on the server. James is the web developer and his projects need to be in the webdev folder so that only James can access them. Diane is the manager of backend development and needs access to the backend folder and all jobs in that folder and all children of that folder. Laura is a new developer on the backend team and has been hired to get the tomcat project back on track. She will require access to the backend/tomcat folder and all jobs in that folder. You will need to create these folders and some dummy jobs to ensure that the permissions are correct and that only the required access is given.