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Finding a Problem Caused by a Misconfiguration of SELinux and Troubleshooting the Issue

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In this lab, you will be presented with inadequate SELinux configurations that are causing problems. Your job is to perform the correct reconfigurations so everything works properly for the given cases. The first problem involves a web server running that needs to be accessed through an atypical port not usually used by the web servers. SELinux, however, is not allowing you to do this. You need to figure out why, how it is doing this, and effect changes that will persist after reboots. There's also another problem: The web server is not able to serve the proper files to the end user due to improper configuration. The idea is to be able to grant or revoke access with SELinux depending on the needs and problems you encounter. In order to troubleshoot problems with SELinux, you will need to access and analyze the log files, locate the problems, and then implement an adequate solution. You should not use the global SELinux permissive state for verification.

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