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Rotate Between_3 SELinux Modes

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The goal of this lab is to change between the three SELinux modes. The three modes are enforcing, permissive and disabled. You will begin with the enforcing mode being active first, and then you will need to switch it to permissive. After that, you should change the mode to disabled and then back to enforcing again. When rotating between modes you are able to do rotation of modes for the current session or a permanent mode change. An example of a permanent change would be when you go into a configuration file and you write permissive instead of enforcing or instead of permissive you write disabled. Keep in mind that when disabling SELinux, you need to reboot your system. When changing between the two enabled modes, there is no need for rebooting. Mode changing for the current session is done through the command line. The goal is to set SELinux to permissive both for persistent reboot and for the session (without rebooting the system). After that, set the mode to disabled for both the persistent reboot and for the session (reboot the system). Lastly, change back to enforcing for both the reboot and the session.

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