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Working with Azure Key Vault

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Azure Key Vault is a tool that allows IT personnel to securely store and access items such as API keys, passwords, access keys to Azure storage accounts, certificates, and more. Application developers can also reference the Key Vault in their code to access these secrets, as opposed to hard-coding them into their applications.

In this lab, we create an Azure Key Vault and review the different components of the vault via the Azure Portal. We also use the Portal to store and retrieve a password. Finally, we use the vault to store a local password for a Windows virtual machine and deploy the virtual machine using an ARM template. Instead of supplying the password in plaintext, we have the template reference the secret in the Key Vault.

Lessons learned:

  • Create and configure Azure Key Vault
  • Interface with the Key Vault using Azure Portal
  • Use Azure Key Vault to pass a secure parameter value during deployment
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