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Version Controlling with Git

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Scenario The days of one developer completing an App from start to finish are long gone. These days collaboration is important and you have been tasked with implementing a method to allow efficient collaboration. In the past, developer's have made changes that confilicts with another developer's changes and we want a solution that will allow all of the developers to see tghe actual changes before they make their own change.

Solution Version Controlling with Git allows developers to put comments related to the changes in the commit section. Additionally, developers are able to compare versionsand see exactly what has changed in the previous version of the code.This is an important feature because it makes collaboration more effective and efficient. We will be utilizing the Azuze DevOps Portal and Visual Studio Code to accomplish the solution. At the end of this Hans-On-Lab you will have a basic understanding of Visual Studio Code and the Integrated Version Control for Git within Azure Repos.

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