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Create and Deliver a Report on System Utilization

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In this activity, you will have an opportunity to practice using several utilities that show you information about your system and resource utilization. Understanding where to find information about the resources in use on your system is a key concept in being able to manage, troubleshoot and resolve performance problems in any environment. Once you have completed this activity, you will be able to generate reports on key system resources on any Linux system.

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The team of developers you are assigned to support has been having performance issues with the shared server they are using for development.

As a result, they have stopped all system processes and everyone has logged off. The Development Team Lead has asked for a report on various system resources that are available in the environment. You have been provided credentials and connectivity information on the system in question and are being asked to create reports on system memory, storage and associated mount points and any system processes that are running, by user.

Create these reports as follows:

  1. System Memory - /home/cloud_user/memory.rep
    • should contain total memory, free memory, memory in use, in a readable format
  2. System Storage by Mount - /home/cloud_user/mounts.rep
    • should contain the total and available storage by block device, with associated mounts, in a readable format
  3. Process List by User - /home/cloud_user/procs.rep
    • all system processes on the system, including process owner listed in the first column

Once you have generated these reports, you can log off and turn the system over to the Development Team Lead.