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Attaching a Custom Disk to an Existing VM in Microsoft Azure

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In this lab, we walk through the steps for uploading a VHD data disk with both PowerShell and the Azure Portal. This lab simulates a scenario with an on-premises environment that has a data file we need to upload and attach to an existing virtual machine located in the Azure Cloud.

These are very important procedures. In the role of an Azure administrator, we may need to migrate data or virtual machines from an on-premises environment into the Azure Cloud.

We will accomplish these tasks primarily within the Azure Portal using the GUI and PowerShell.

The learning outcomes include the following:

  • Gaining an understanding of the PowerShell command and the parameters required for uploading a VHD file into the Azure Storage Account.
  • Understanding of the different components within the Azure Storage account and how they relate to the blob storage service and the VHD file.
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