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This guide is designed to walk you through the configuration for using Keystone v3 with Packstack. You will accomplish this using various repos and the Answers file.

Getting Started

How do we get started?
A bug was filed against RDO for the installation of Keystone v3. Currently, the fix is in the tested-ci repository and hasn’t been tagged yet to move further along the deployment pipeline.

If you would like to install a packstack using the fixed code in it’s current location on a CentOS 7 machine this is the guide for you!

The first thing you’re going to need to do is add the centos-openstack-newton-test repository to get a puppet fix for Nova:

yum-config-manager --enable rdo-trunk-newton-tested


Next, you should perform a yum update just in case:

yum update


Next, install git and centos-release-openstack-newton, which gives us git as well as the CentOS version of OpenStack Newton.

yum install git centos-release-openstack-newton



When installation is finished, you get a “completed” message:


The next step is to install Packstack, which has 67 dependencies:

yum install openstack-packstack


When you finish the installation, check for the version of openstack-packstack-puppet:

rpm -qa openstack-packstack-puppet


And here you see we have version 9.0.2. We need version 9.0.3, so let’s install that; we need to add another repository, rdo-trunk-newton-tested, which has the latest code to pass CI:

Here you can see the installation:

yum-config-manager --enable rdo-trunk-newton-tested


And the rest of the output, which shows the pkgdir if you should need it:

Now, we can upgrade the openstack-packstack-puppet rpm:

yum install openstack-packstack-puppet


And the installation completes:


We can now verify the version again:

rpm -qa openstack-packstack-puppet


The last step before installing packstack itself is to edit your answers.txt file to use Keystone v3. If you do not have one you can get one by running:

packstack --gen-answer-file=answers.txt


And then edit the file:

nano answers.txt


Finally, run your packstack and wait!!

packstack --answer-file=/root/answers.txt

Sources / Resources

For more Information on Packstack, check out the RDO website here.

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