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#1 Learn-by-Doing Cloud Training Platform for Teams

Empower your team with interactive content that scales as you grow.

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Don't adopt a whole new team. Adopt a new approach to team training.


84% of Linux Academy learners reported improved job performance and happiness

Invest in your team, invest in your business

“Having a self-paced learning solution that our consultants can use to augment their training is critical to our mission of helping people reach their highest potential. I’m very pleased to say that Linux Academy has played a pivotal role in that mission.”

Nick Ward Manager

“It was a huge uplift in people’s ability to know how to navigate the public cloud, and how to do builds. The goal was to greatly reduce time to market, and we definitely saw gains by getting people comfortable with using that space first through Linux Academy.”
Photo of David J

David J Senior IT Manager, SSE

The average business loses
per year to ineffective training (per 1000 employees)

Multicloud Training at Scale

Linux Academy is the #1 multicloud Learn by Doing training platform. Over 50,000 people each month give us a 95% satisfaction rating. Here’s why.

Make Your Digital Evolution Intentional

Use our Business Dashboard to manage and motivate your groups and learners to evolve, educate themselves, and drive your digital transformation and continuous evolution forward.

Linux Academy for Business Dashboard Analytics
Learning Path Curriculum Design — Linux Academy for Business

Design a Curriculum for Strategic Goals

Quickly and easily define strategic curriculum plans using our Learning Paths. Use pre-made paths or create your own.

“The thing that really stood out about Linux Academy was its server-based content that relates directly to web and cloud hosting.”
Photo of  Eric Shure

Eric Shure Director of Customer Support

Built on the #1 Course Catalog

There’s a reason we have 95% satisfaction from over 50,000 monthly ratings. Learn the latest technologies from the best trainers, with the #1 Course Catalog.

#1 Course Catalog — Linux Academy for Business
Hands-On Labs — Linux Academy Muticloud Training for Business

Learn by Doing with Real-Time Labs for Real-World Skills

Practice exams, flash cards, interactive diagrams, and Hands-On Labs empower people to Learn by Doing and retain more material. Hands-on labs instantly deploy real, live environments for Linux, AWS, Azure, DevOps, and Google Cloud.

Visual Split-Screen Learning For Better Retention

Visual learners watch Training Architect lessons alongside split-screen interactive diagrams. This learn-while-doing approach translates into faster progress, fewer mistakes, and improved retention.

Linux Academy Interactive Diagrams
Cloud Playground — Linux Academy for Business Multicloud Training Platform

Deliver Painless, Secure Real-World Practice

Enable learners to code along in Cloud Playground, our secure, live sandbox environments that let them safely practice, make mistakes and learn faster. With Cloud Playground, teams can spin up AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud sandbox environments and virtual machines at no additional cost to you, and without any management or security overhead. Downloads and port 22 access are not required.

With our Custom Cloud Playground upgrade, you can bring your own server images for only your organization to use. Your server images, our Playground, no sweat. Ask about Custom Cloud Playground for Business!

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Linux Academy for Business by the Numbers

Real results from real teams staying ahead of the cloud curve


95% agree that the quality of Linux Academy’s tools and content directly helped them in their careers


76% of companies believe there is a shortage of Linux and cloud professionals


96% of Linux Academy for Business customers saw improved results within the first 6 months

The #1 Course Catalog for Continuous Learning

IT teams need continuous education to keep pace with constantly evolving technologies. Stay ahead of the curve! Our course catalog constantly evolves with new and updated courses and content to help your business get ahead and stay in the lead. When you entrust Linux Academy with your organization-wide IT training, you get our unwavering commitment to produce and update industry-leading courses. That’s how we earn 95% satisfaction from over 50,000 ratings every month.

#1 Course Catalog — Linux Academy for Business
More Linux Academy for Business Features that Matter

More Business Features That Matter

Our centralized management, custom curriculum design, hands-on interactive learning method, and continuous flow of new and updated courses, are the big reasons that Linux Academy is the #1 platform for multicloud training at scale. There’s simply no better way to stay ahead of the curve.

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  • Business Dashboard ?Team and enterprise visibility, metrics and management

  • Business Cloud Playground ?Ask about business-only Cloud Playground servers

  • Customizable Learning Paths ?Create and assign your own curriculum with any course, lesson, quiz, or Hands-On Lab

  • Consolidated Billing ?Centralize and manage billing across your team or entire enterprise

  • Skill-Based Reports & Analytics ?Track team, group, and individual activity, engagement, and performance

  • Assignable Due Dates ?Keep teams and individuals engaged and accountable, and keep your transformation on track

  • Groups ?Group your teams and assign training with Learning Paths

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

  • Custom Cloud Playground (option) ?Ask about the upgrade that lets you bring your own server images to our Cloud Playground

  • Reporting API (enterprise) ?Business administrators can generate reports

  • SSO (enterprise)