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Prepare for a specific career track or certification exam with our cloud training curriculum guided training paths. Browse from our selection of Learning Paths to find one that meets your needs.

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My Learning path

AWS Infrastructure & Security Architect

Christian, Student

"Focus on the skills you need for today. It is easy to dabble but the goal is to get proficient. When you're ready to tackle that new subject, Linux Academy provides all the tools you need. From video courses, hands-on labs, how-to guides, and support from the entire team. I have used all these options and am a better engineer for it. It's like having the IT faculty of a major university right in your browser!"

Christian AWS Infrastructure & Security Architect

My Learning path

Cloud Tech Engineer Level 2

"Using Linux Academy has provided the training I needed to get my current position, which has allowed me to grow my career."

William Junior DevOps Engineer

Piotr Bak

“The biggest advantage is the Learning Paths which are nicely suited to meet specific AWS certifications and goals. The Learning Paths are made up of courses where I can train and practice my AWS knowledge and skills in the Hands-On Labs and Playground, all provided by Linux Academy. Linux Academy is a great place to develop my cloud knowledge!”

Photo of Piotr Bak

Piotr Bak Senior Operations Engineer

My must-have learning features

Hands-On Labs
Cloud Playground
Interactive Diagrams

Hands-On Labs

Real, scenario-based labs in instantly-deployed environments. Available anytime, anywhere. No need for any additional resources.

Cloud Playground

The perfect place for you or your team to practice, make mistakes, and learn cloud and Linux in our environments, ensuring security and compliance for your organization with zero administrative overhead.

Interactive Diagrams

Interact with the content as you go with custom-built diagrams, taking video lessons to a whole new level.

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