Hands-on Labs & Exercises

Hands-on, scenario-based labs give you experience on real servers.

Do you like to learn by doing? Our labs and exercises give you the chance to do just that: Learn by performing actions on real remote servers.

Labs are the best way to get your hands dirty quickly. Labs each include multiple scenarios related to a specific task or technology. Each scenario has a video demonstration or written lab guide, and you can use the Live! Lab server to follow along. This way, you aren't just blindly jumping into a new tool or technology, but get to watch how an expert works and then repeat each action.

Exercises are included within courses. They allow you to use your dedicated Cloud Servers, provided by Linux Academy for you, to practice what you learn in a course. You're given a scenario or task to accomplish. Perform actions on a real Cloud Server provided by us, and then submit your work. Our grading system will evaluate what you did to help you do better next time.

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