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Learn why container technology is so powerful and how it can provide your team with productivity gains and other benefits. Containers for Everyone is a free ebook written by the experts at Linux Academy, and it covers the foundational techniques you need to know to start using containers, including step-by-step instructions and source code.

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Creating a consistent and repeatable DevOps workflow is important in any implementation model. Containers meet both those requirements by helping to abstract that implementation from the underlying host infrastructure and operating systems. Understanding how to quickly and effectively use containers in your environment is critical to the success of your implementation, and Docker simplifies that process by wrapping complex configuration functionality in easy to understand syntax.

Terry Cox, Linux Academy Instructor

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Chapter 1. Understanding Containers

A look into what containers are and why you may wish to use them.

Chapter 2. Managing Docker Containers with Ansible

Learn to configure and manage Docker containers with Ansible. Includes step-by-step instructions and source code so you can follow along.

Chapter 3. Managing Docker Containers with Puppet

Learn to configure and manage Docker containers with Puppet. Also includes instructions and source code.

Chapter 4. Setting up LaraDock for Laravel

Learn to setup LaraDock, so you can use Docker containers in a Laravel project. Also includes instructions and source code.