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DevOps Learning Path

Certified Chef Developer

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This learning path takes you through the training and courses required for each Certified Chef Developer badge and exam.

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Course: Basic Chef Fluency Badge

Duration: 13:45:55 Overview:

In this course, you will gain fluency with Chef and its ecosystem. Following along with the lessons, challenges, and live environments in this course will provide you with the experience necessary to be able to deploy and utilize Chef for configuration management. For the Basic Chef Fluency Badge exam, you'll need to be able to articulate the ideas present in Chef and its tools and how to use them on a basic level.

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Course: Chef Local Cookbook Development Badge

Duration: 12:04:34 Overview:

The Chef Local Cookbook Development Badge course is designed to prepare you for the Chef Local Cookbook Development Badge exams. By passing the exams and obtaining this badge, you will demonstrate your ability to properly develop a basic Chef cookbook. If you obtain the badge you will be on your way to obtaining a Chef certification. 

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