AIOps Essentials (Autoscaling Kubernetes with Prometheus Metrics)

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John Marx
John Marx has been an Agile and DevOps technologist for Herzum, Phone Teller, Red Hat, and He is the former founder and President of Open Systems Group and began his career with General Electric. His technical background includes development in C, Java, PHP and Python and he has worked with advanced CI/CD pipeline technologies including OpenShift, Jenkins, Kubernetes, and Ansible. John is a specialist in container-based development and deployment and has an extensive background helping organizations migrate legacy applications to hybrid cloud environments.


This course establishes a baseline for AIOps by utilizing Prometheus for managing time series metrics produced by Node Exporter and cAdvisor. The course guides the student through the fundamental concepts required for AIOps and the use of streaming metrics to influence autoscaling. The culmination of the course is the integration of the Prometheus rules with the Kubernetes APIServer to scale nodes in an active Kubernetes cluster.

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