Ansible: Setup, Configure, and Ad Hoc Commands Deep Dive

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Stosh Oldham
I have been working with technology in some way or another ever since my high school days. After attaining my bachelor’s degree in computer science, I spent over a decade in IT working on anything from fixing printers to engineering enterprise IT systems. I now have the privileged of sharing my expertise as a Linux Training Architect for Linux Academy. When I am not sitting behind a terminal, I like going on holiday and spending time with my family.


Modern DevOps culture requires both automation and configuration management. Ansible is capable of meeting both of these end goals. This course is the first in a series of courses designed to provide a thorough introduction to key Ansible features and modules that lay a foundation for building upon. We start with installing and configuring Ansible itself. Afterwards, the most common tasks in systems management are approached using key Ansible modules. After completing this course, students will have a firm understanding of many core Ansible modules and key Ansible features such as asynchronous task management. The next course in the series, "Ansible: Playbooks Deep Dive", covers creating Ansible playbooks in depth.

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