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Myles Young
I am a father and husband with a passion for tech. I have large-scale enterprise IT experience in network security, agile development, middleware, QA, system reliability engineering, and data infrastructure engineering. I have worked in DevOps for most of my IT career with a focus on using automation and big data technologies for operational analytics and log aggregation to further support CI/CD pipelines. I have a great appreciation for distributed systems and finding non-obvious answers in mountains of data. I am excited to be working at Linux Academy where I get to share what I've learned with our awesome students!


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Elasticsearch Fundamentals

Exploring Elasticsearch

Exploring Your Cluster

Exploring Your Data

Elasticsearch in Production

Managing Elasticsearch

Securing Elasticsearch

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Follow right on the heels of the Elastic Stack Essentials course with the Elasticsearch Deep Dive. Get to understand and go hands-on with the core functionality of Elasticsearch (installing, indexing, querying). Next, learn how to configure it for production use with TLS encryption, user access control, monitoring, and alerting with X-Pack and automated management with Elasticsearch Curator. Get to understand best practices around heap and cluster sizing, hardware requirements, and performing live upgrades.

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