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Myles Young
I am a father and husband with a passion for tech. I have large-scale enterprise IT experience in network security, agile development, middleware, QA, system reliability engineering, and data infrastructure engineering. I have worked in DevOps for most of my IT career with a focus on using automation and big data technologies for operational analytics and log aggregation to further support CI/CD pipelines. I have a great appreciation for distributed systems and finding non-obvious answers in mountains of data. I am excited to be working at Linux Academy where I get to share what I've learned with our awesome students!


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Installation and Configuration

Indexing Data

Mappings and Text Analysis

Cluster Administration




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Elasticsearch has become a favorite technology of administrators, engineers, and developers alike. Whether you are using it with the rest of the Elastic Stack, or on its own, Elasticsearch is a powerful and user-friendly search and analytics engine. Log aggregation, operational analytics, application performance monitoring, NoSQL databases, site search, and ad-hoc data analysis are just a few of the many things Elasticsearch is used for. The Elastic Certified Engineer Certification was created to recognize IT professionals with expertise in Elasticsearch. An Elastic Certified Engineer can design and deploy a complete Elasticsearch solution.

DISCLAIMER: This is not an official Elastic Company course created by or approved by the Elastic Company. The Linux Academy is in no away affiliated with Elastic Company or ElasticSearch BPV.

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We hardly used any slides in this course as our focus was towards hands-on content instead. However, here are the few slides and diagrams we did use.

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Use this guide to refresh your knowledge on all the topics covered in this course while preparing for the exam.

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