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Identity and Access Management for Azure


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Security in today’s Cloud and Hybrid Cloud environments is a combination of many technologies and concepts, but none more important than identifying who accessing an environment and controlling that access in an efficient manner; consistent with industry and product best practices. This course is an opportunity for cloud Engineer and Architects to dive into the mechanics and offering available in Azure for building, administrating and working with Identity and Access Management. Each video lecture will demonstrate a service, or group of services, working together, as well as discussing real world applications of these services. Course takers will hear suggestions on how to appropriately deploy these services, and even tips from the training architects own experience in the application of these services in real business situations.


Course Introduction

Course Introduction


Lesson Description:

This course, as the title implies, is about Identity and Access Management in the Microsoft Azure Cloud environment. The course is comprised of 12 videos, each specifically focusing on an Azure service or group of services. The titles of each course directly match (at the time of publishing) the service's name as they appear in the Azure Portal service catalog.

Meet the Training Architect


Lesson Description:

My name is Dan Sasse, and I am the Linux Academy Training Architect for this course on Azure Identity and Access Management. Allow me to introduce myself in this brief video, and feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. Please don't hesitate to email me directly with any questions or concerns, and I also welcome your feedback on the videos in this course. Enjoy! Dan Sasse


Azure Active Directory


Lesson Description:

In this lesson, we discuss Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Active Directory (the on-premises cousin of AAD), and where they both fit in the technological ecosystems of the 21st century. Further Reading Documentation:

Azure AD B2C


Lesson Description:

This lesson centers around the companion service to Azure AD, AD B2C, or Business-to-Customer. Further Reading Documentation:

Azure AD Domain Services


Lesson Description:

Azure Active Directory can replicate nearly every capability of a traditional domain controller user Azure AD Domain Services. In this lesson, we discuss how to deploy these services and a specific real-world example of when we would. Further Reading Documentation:

Azure AD Connect


Lesson Description:

Azure AD Connect is the software bridge between a Domain Controller residing on a traditional server or VM and the Azure AD services hosted in Microsoft's cloud. Further Reading Documentation:

Hands-on Labs are real live environments that put you in a real scenario to practice what you have learned without any other extra charge or account to manage.



Users and Groups


Lesson Description:

This video reviews what Users and Groups are, where they fit in the Directory scheme, and how we administrate them in Azure. Further Reading Documentation:

Enterprise Applications


Lesson Description:

Enterprise Applications are Microsoft's method of easily and quickly connecting commonly used applications to Azure AD for seamless Single Sign-On. In this video, we discuss how to create one and when to do so. Further Reading Documentation:

App Registrations


Lesson Description:

In this video, we go over where and how to create an entry for a custom-built application called an Azure AD App Registration. Further Reading Documentation:

Managed Identities


Lesson Description:

The previous two videos covered Pre-created Enterprise Application connectors and manually created connectors for externally built custom applications. This video discusses the third option; custom code hosted within Azure, which is arguably the most effective way of managing application access securely: Azure Managed Identities. Further Reading Documentation:

Hands-on Labs are real live environments that put you in a real scenario to practice what you have learned without any other extra charge or account to manage.



Identity Governance


Lesson Description:

In this video, we talk about how access can be managed based on roles and requirements using the Azure Identity Governance services. Further Reading Documentation:

Azure AD Conditional Access


Lesson Description:

Azure AD Conditional Access is the focus of this video. If a user needs access, AND they are supposed to have it, THEN it will be granted. We'll discuss how to create these policies as well as talk about when to utilize them. Further Reading Documentation:

Azure AD Privileged Identity Management


Lesson Description:

This video is centered around the Azure services that allow not only traditional administrative control over access, but can even bring non-technical stakeholders into the loop directly. Further Reading Documentation:

Azure AD Identity Protection


Lesson Description:

In our final video for this course on Identity and Access Management, we discuss user support and the self-service tools Azure has available to assist Identity Protection. Further Reading Documentation:

Course Conclusion

What's Next


Lesson Description:

You've finished the course — Congrats! Let's talk about where you can go from here. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have regarding this course, your career, or just to talk shop. Email address: LinkedIn Profile:

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