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How to Get a Linux Job


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Terrence Cox

Senior Vice President of Content

A veteran of twenty years in Information Technology in a variety of roles. He has worked in development, security and infrastructure well before they merged into what we now call DevOps. He provides training in Linux, VMWare, DevOps (Ansible, Jenkins, etc) as well as containers and AWS topics. He now leads the Training Architects to produce the courses and content we all know and love!







Course Details

This course will help prepare the viewer, whether a seasoned Information Technology professional, or a student just out of school, to apply for and successfully obtain their first Linux Job. We will discuss how to use your professional network of contacts, the importance of cover letters, how to tailor your resume and what key topics to highlight in pursuit of that position.


How To Get A Linux Job

About the Instructor


Lesson Description:

Introducing your instructor for this Linux Academy course on "How to Get a Linux Job"!



Lesson Description:

An introduction to all the topics covered in the course.



Lesson Description:

How to use your family, friends and colleagues to develop a professional network that can serve both as a pool of references and as a referral network as positions become available.

The Art Of The Cover Letter


Lesson Description:

An introduction to the language and structure of an effective cover letter. We discuss how to quickly highlight relevant experience for the position being applied for, as well as action words that will grab the attention of Human Resources.

Training and Certifications


Lesson Description:

Training and certifications are key indicators of employee competence in any Information Technology-related field. We talk about how to gain some experience and resources that are available online, free and otherwise, for preparing for leading industry certifications.

Key Terms and Experience


Lesson Description:

Learn some of the key terms and experience that is commonly looked for by employers when applying for a job in the Linux administration field.

Hot Skills


Lesson Description:

We talk about the most sought-after skills and positions in Information Technology and how Linux plays a key role in many of them. Learning how your experience can be tailored to fit within one of these positions will help your job search be successful.

Identifying Your Area of Focus


Lesson Description:

Following up on our skills discussion, this video will help determine not only what someone's skills and experience are, but where they want to focus their job search: Administration, customer service, data center operations, virtualization and more.

Finding Where the Jobs Are


Lesson Description:

An introduction to resources available that help identify those areas of the country where Linux jobs are most available. We will talk about relevant search terms and which areas of the country that are most active in the Linux jobs market right now.

Tailoring Your Resume


Lesson Description:

Now that we have everything lined up, it's time to learn how to put it all together. We talk about the importance of keeping your resume flexible so that it can be easily tailored to each job. We will talk about structure, brevity and the appropriate action words that will highlight your skills.

The Interview


Lesson Description:

Learn how to prepare for the big interview. We discuss eye contact, body language and other non-verbal keys that will demonstrate confidence. Once we set those parameters, we discuss how to talk about your qualifications under the best conditions.

Following Up


Lesson Description:

Now that the interview is over, our job is not complete until we follow up. We talk about how to follow up on your interview, the appropriate amount of time to wait and what to say.

Managing Your Career (Linux Careers)


Lesson Description:

We talk about how to sign up and take advantage of one of the premiere Linux career sites on the web. We demonstrate how to find Linux jobs using this valuable resource and how to take advantage of a community of users that can help.

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