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Google Cloud Concepts


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Course Details

This course is for the absolute beginner to Google Cloud Platform. Have you ever wanted to know, in very simple terms, the answer to the following questions?: What is the cloud? What is Google Cloud? What are Google Cloud's core services? Why do we use Google Cloud? If you answered yes to any of these, then this course is for you. Our goal with this course is to provide a simple, conceptual introduction to the concepts of Cloud Computing, Google Cloud Platform, and it's core services. There are no technical explanations or definitions to memorize — this course is visual, and strictly conceptual. When you are done with this course, you will have the conceptual foundation to move forward onto more advanced GCP courses. By having the frame-of-reference understanding from this course, you will be more prepared to tackle the more complex technical concepts and terminology.


The Cloud and GCP

Introduction to GCP and the Cloud


Lesson Description:

What is the cloud? What is Google Cloud Platform? We set out to answer these questions in the most simplistic way possible. No technical terms, no technical definitions. Just some easy-to-understand examples of what these services are and why people use them.

Introduction to Core GCP Services

Introduction to Compute Engine


Lesson Description:

In this lesson, we will cover the primary component that powers everything else on the platform, and that is Compute Engine. Simply stated, you can think of Compute Engine as a virtual server. We will discuss what that means in the larger context of hosting an application.

What is a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)?


Lesson Description:

Virtual Private Clouds (VPC's) are a core component for organizing your GCP resources for private access. We will take a closer look in this lesson.

Databases on GCP


Lesson Description:

In this video, we set out to explain the concept of databases on Google Cloud Platform and why they matter.

The Power of the Cloud


Lesson Description:

So what advantages does the cloud actually provide when hosting applications? We'll explore that question in this lesson.

Introduction to Cloud Storage


Lesson Description:

In this lesson, we will cover how music files are delivered on Google Cloud by discussing what is Cloud Storage.

What are Managed Services?


Lesson Description:

Managed services are a key component of what makes the cloud special. We'll take a closer look in this lesson.

Putting the Pieces Together


Lesson Description:

Now that we have talked about different components of our application separately, let's now put all the pieces together and see how everything fits together from start to finish.

GCP Global Infrastructure

GCP Global Physical Infrastructure


Lesson Description:

So where are all of these Google Cloud servers actually located at? How are they organized for fault tolerance and high availability. We will explore these questions in this lesson.

Final Steps

Next Steps


Lesson Description:

Congratulations on completing the course! Let's talk about your next steps in becoming a Google Cloud professional.

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