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Git Quick Start


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Stosh Oldham

Course Development Director in Content

I have been working with technology in some way or another ever since my high school days. After attaining my bachelor’s degree in computer science, I spent over a decade in IT working on anything from fixing printers to engineering enterprise IT systems. I now have the privilege of sharing my expertise as a Linux Training Architect for Linux Academy. When I am not sitting behind a terminal, I like going on holiday and spending time with my family.







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Course Details

In the increasingly DevOps culture, source control has become a foundational skill for any IT Professional. Git is a source control tool developed by none-other-than the guy who wrote the Linux Kernel himself. It is the souce control program of choice for a vast number of IT professionals This course will help you learn essential Git quickly!

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Course Introduction and Features


Lesson Description:

This video provides an overview of what will be covered in this course, as well as some notable pre-requisites. We also talk about the tools Linux Academy provides to help you master this topic! The course companion diagram may be found here:

Git Introduction and Architecture


Lesson Description:

This lesson provides some background on the git program and discusses what git does at a high level. We also discuss what a commit is in the context of git.

Git Installation and Configuration


Lesson Description:

In order to use git, it must first be installed! This lesson describes how to install the git program and provide high level configurations.

Working with Repositories in Git


Lesson Description:

The repository is the element part of source control with git. This lesson talks about how to create a git repository and covers how to interact with repositories at a base level.

Managing What is Tracked with gitignore


Lesson Description:

It is not always desirable to track every file within a repository. This lesson talks about how you can have Git ignore certain files on a per-repository basis.

Cloning Repositories


Lesson Description:

You will not create every repository you work with from scratch. In fact, you may end up working with already created repsitories more often. This lesson discusses how you may clone existing repositories with the git program.

Understanding Git Logging


Lesson Description:

It is important to be able to gather information on what has transpired within a repository. The git log subcommand provides this functionality. This lesson talks about how to use git log to interrogate a repository's history.

Working with Branches in Git


Lesson Description:

Branches are an essential way of collaborating in git. This lesson covers the branching concept as well as how to perform branching using git.

Merging and Pushing Changes in Git


Lesson Description:

We have reviewed how to clone repositories and create new branches in git. For those featuers to be useful, we need to be able to syncronize with orgin repositories and bring branches back into the master branch. This lesson talks about how to do just that.

What's Next?


Lesson Description:

This video talks about some courses that you may be interested in after you are finished with the Git Quick Start course.

Hands-on Labs are real live environments that put you in a real scenario to practice what you have learned without any other extra charge or account to manage.


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