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Building a Serverless Chatbot with AWS Lex


Intro Video

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Terrence Cox

Senior Vice President of Content

A veteran of twenty years in Information Technology in a variety of roles. He has worked in development, security and infrastructure well before they merged into what we now call DevOps. He provides training in Linux, VMWare, DevOps (Ansible, Jenkins, etc) as well as containers and AWS topics. He now leads the Training Architects to produce the courses and content we all know and love!







Hands-on Labs




Course Details

In this course, you will build out a serverless alerting chatbot application using AWS. We'll learn and walk through everything required to develop and deploy the chatbot using AWS Lambda, Amazon Lex and a few other AWS services.

You will work with AWS services that include AWS Lambda, Amazon Lex, AWS Simple Email Service, and AWS Simple Notification Service to create a chatbot that allows imaginary employees to trigger alerting procedures from a messaging platform. You will also see how you could integrate your chatbot application with the Slack messaging platform.


Getting Started

Course Introduction


Lesson Description:

In this video, we'll take a quick look at what we'll be doing in the course and why you might want to take it. By the end of the video, you'll understand the purpose and content inside of this course and be able to make an informed decision about if it is the right fit for your skills and experience.

About the Training Architect


Lesson Description:

In this video, you'll learn a little bit about the course author - Fernando Medina Corey.

Course Features and Tools


Lesson Description:

In this video, we'll look at the tools Linux Academy offers when you're taking our courses. We'll look at tools ranging from the Linux Academy Community to flashcards, and the course scheduler.

AWS Free Tier: Usage Tracking and Billing Widget


Lesson Description:

This video gives you a walkthrough on how to use the AWS Free Tier Tracking and Billing Widget for you own AWS Account!

Project Details

What Are We Building


Lesson Description:

In this video, we'll look at the Lex chatbot project we'll be making in this course. You'll understand exactly what's going to go into the process of making this bot as well as some context around why you might make a bot like this using Lex and Serverless technologies.

Project Architecture


Lesson Description:

In this video, we'll review the application architecture for the project we are building. You'll learn the specific application components and services we'll use inside of our Lex chatbot and how they'll fit together in our final product.

QUIZ: Project Architecture for Building a Serverless Alerting Chatbot on AWS with Lex


Essential Concepts and Services

Lex Essentials


Lesson Description:

In this lesson, we'll learn about all the relevant concepts and terminology we need when using Amazon Lex. This will include concepts like Bots, Intents, Slots, Slot Types, Lex Validation, and other concepts related to making our own bot.

Lambda Basics


Lesson Description:

We'll learn some basic concepts surrounding AWS Lambda in order to know how to use it effectively with Amazon Lex. This will include concepts ranging from AWS Lambda Functions and the settings we can use with them, to the reasons we might choose to use the AWS Lambda service.

SES Basics


Lesson Description:

We'll take a very brief look at the AWS Simple Email Service and how we can use it in our chatbot application. You'll learn the basics surrounding the Simple Email Service as well as some specific areas to be aware of as we construct our Lex Chatbot.

SNS Basics


Lesson Description:

We'll take a very brief look at the AWS Simple Notification Service and how we can use it in our chatbot application. Specifically, we'll talk about how SNS can be used in our application to send SMS messages and how we will send those messages.

QUIZ: Essential Concepts and Services for Building a Lex bot with AWS


Setting up Our Environment

Resources and Demo Code


Lesson Description:

In this video, we'll look at how we can find the demo code for this course. Specifically, we'll look at how we can get the relevant code files from Github at a specific URL for this course, and how we can find the code for each section of the lab later in the course.

Creating an Appropriate IAM Role


Lesson Description:

In this video, we'll learn how to create the AWS IAM role that is needed to attach to our Lambda functions in our own environment. This will help you to create an IAM role on your own should you want to create a chatbot outside of the Linux Academy lab environments.

Lex Programming Concepts


Lesson Description:

In this video, we'll review some concepts you'll need to know when writing code that interacts with Amazon Lex. Specifically, we'll look at the input format of events (from Amazon Lex to AWS Lambda) and the response format (from AWS Lambda to Amazon Lex) that will need to be understood to effectively program with Amazon Lex.

Review Project Code


Lesson Description:

In this video, we'll look at the project code for this course and point out where you can find some of the relevant programming concepts being used.

Hands-on Labs are real live environments that put you in a real scenario to practice what you have learned without any other extra charge or account to manage.


Final Steps

What's Next?


Lesson Description:

In this video, we'll look at some possible next steps for you after you finish the course! I'll suggest that you build your own custom Lex bot, learn some more serverless concepts and tools, and consider taking other AWS courses.

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