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Azure IoT Solution Infrastructure (AZ-220: Course 1)


Intro Video

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Shawn Johnson

Azure Training Architect II in Content

Shawn currently resides in Waller, TX. While he could live anywhere in the world to perform his job, he's never leaving Texas, minus excursions to New Orleans and Disney World. He's still waiting for the perfect opportunity to inject worthless information into his courses so that everyone the world over can win more trivia contests. If he didn't need a job and money wasn't an object, he'd be barbecuing every day, selling his smoked wares until he sold out. That said, when retirement day comes, you'll probably find him sitting by the river doing absolutely nothing.I've been in technology for over 20 years. Yes, I'm one of the older TAs around here. But I'm immature enough to compensate for my age. I've been involved in Azure for about 5 years now. Prior to that, I was the digital Cliff Claven (Google it), implementing and supporting Exchange Server all the way back to version 5.0.In my spare time, I brew beer and cook, both indoors and out. I am married with three great kids who are too much like me. When people say they weep for our future, they're not talking about my kids, who are the greatest ever. No bias here.When I release content here at Linux Academy, rest assured that it will be informative and fun. We'll laugh, cry and learn together. So let's get to it.







Hands-on Labs


Course Details

This course, IoT Solution Infrastructure, can be used as a stand-alone learning module. But it's also a mini-course and the first in a learning path that will prepare the student for the AZ-220: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer exam.

The mini-course has four sections. The first section discusses Internet of Things at a very high-level, then drills down into Azure-specific IoT concepts and technologies.

The second section of the course dives into the most core of IoT services, the IoT Hub. We will discuss what the hub does and show how to create and configure one using multiple Azure tools such as the Portal and the CLI.

Next, we'll cover devices, but only at a high level since we devote the entire next mini-course on the subject. But this shows how devices connect to Azure IoT Hub, and we'll even walk through doing this.

Finally, we will discuss how devices communicate with IoT Hub, as well as how back-end applications can connect to Azure IoT Hub to communicate with devices.

Again, this course is designed to stand on its own or be the first in a series of mini-courses in preparation for the Microsoft Azure IoT Developer exam.


Getting Started

Course Introduction


Lesson Description:

Welcome to the course! In this video, we discuss the goals and objectives for the course and touch on specific points we'll cover. I'm glad you could join us, so let's get started!

About the Training Architect


Lesson Description:

Just a little about me, my background, and hobbies!

Introduction to Azure IoT

What Is IoT?


Lesson Description:

We've all heard about it, but what is this IoT all about? This is the right place to find out! This lesson goes over IoT from a 10,000 foot view. We'll talk about what it is, what it's comprised of, and give examples of both consumer and business IoT solutions. So come on in and let's get started!

Introduction to Azure IoT


Lesson Description:

Our previous lesson discussed IoT in general. In this lesson, we touch on Azure-specific IoT services and discuss how they work with other Azure solutions to create cohesive data-analytics solutions with IoT devices. Consider it a 5,000 foot view compared to the previous 10,000 foot view!

Azure IoT Architecture


Lesson Description:

We're ever closer to hitting the ground running in our IoT Solution Infrastructure journey. In this lesson, we dive into Azure IoT services and see how they interact with other Azure services to provide a fully integrated IoT solution!

Azure IoT Hub

IoT Hub Overview


Lesson Description:

What is IoT Hub? In this lesson, we explain Microsoft's IoT cloud gateway and how it is the focal point of any Azure IoT solution. We also create an IoT Hub in the Portal!

IoT Hub Configuration


Lesson Description:

In this lesson, we look at configuration options in an Azure IoT Hub, such as:Shared access policies IP filters Certificates Endpoints And more!

Hub Tiers and Scaling


Lesson Description:

The amount of data we intend to send through our hub gateway, as well as the features we require in our IoT solution, can determine the tier and scope of our IoT Hub. In this lesson, we discuss the different performance tiers available, as well as touch on scaling our Hub with units.

IoT Devices in Azure

What Are Devices?


Lesson Description:

This lesson touches on our "things" in Internet of Things: the devices used to send data to our IoT Hub. We look at characteristics of a device, discuss different types of devices, and look at the operating systems that reside on an IoT device.

Register a Device in Azure IoT Hub


Lesson Description:

We've finally reached the point where we can see IoT in action! This lesson walks through registering a device in the IoT Hub registry and configuring a simulated device to connect to our IoT Hub. Join us for all the excitement here in this lesson!

X.509 Certificates for Devices


Lesson Description:

X.509 certificates can be used to securely authenticate our IoT devices with Azure IoT Hub. This lesson shows the types of certificates that can be used and walks through a demonstration of connecting an IoT device with an X.509 certificate.

Symmetric Keys


Lesson Description:

Want to get started quickly and securely with IoT Hub? Then this is the perfect lesson! We'll discuss how Iot Hub uses symmetric keys to generate security tokens to authenticate with IoT Hub. We will also look at key management for devices.

Authentication: Which Method to Choose?


Lesson Description:

Symmetric keys, standalone certificates, CAs, oh my! Relax. We'll show how to determine which authentication method is best for the situation.

Device Messaging and Communication

Using SDKs to Create IoT Messaging Solutions


Lesson Description:

SDKs: What are they? Why use them? Well, in this lesson we demonstrate the benefits of using SDKs with Azure IoT and cover the different types of SDKs available to create IoT messaging solutions.

Device-to-Cloud Communication


Lesson Description:

In this lesson, we discuss the three different options of device-to-cloud communication and when to use them.

Cloud-to-Device Communication


Lesson Description:

In this lesson, we discuss the three different options of cloud-to-device communication and when to use them.

Device Networking and Connectivity


Lesson Description:

Wrapping up our course, we discuss device networking and communication, specifically the different protocols available to use in IoT solutions. We discuss the port numbers required and give reason why we'd use one over the other.

Course Wrap-Up

Conclusion and Next Steps


Lesson Description:

We've made it through the course! Congratulations! "What now?" Well then, this is the right video to answer that! We'll talk about the other courses in the Azure IoT series, as well as other tools available to solidify the knowledge obtained in this course!

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