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Azure Architecture Design Concepts


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This course is meant to introduce the student to some of the primary concepts that form the basis of Solution Architecture. We will cover the topics of design principles, the utility and practice of technical and a non-technical requirements gathering, as well as quite a few concepts around resource consumption and cost control.


Getting Started

Course Intro


Lesson Description:

To support you in your goal to become an Azure solution architect, this course will provide you with some of the essential skills you'll need in order to understand the needs of any given challenge and build a well-examined, well-thought-out, and well-executed solution appropriate to the task with an eye toward responsible cost management. While this course is structured to cater to different skill levels, it is highly-recommended that you already have a strong grounding in Azure administration as well as some project planning skill. Experienced learners may find this course serves as a refresher before heading into the more technical waters of Azure architecture.

About the Instructor


Lesson Description:

In case you were curious...


Intro to Design Fundamentals


Lesson Description:

This lesson will address the principal influences of solution architecture.Goals and Objectives Influences and Constraints Examination of the current environment Applicable project management approachesAdditionally, this lesson will also touch on pattern of design, as it applies to technical solution development.



Lesson Description:

In this lesson, we will address the concept of Defense-in-Depth as it applies to solution development in addition to the shared security model and the assignment of responsibilities defined therein.



Lesson Description:

This lesson describes the concept of scalability in solution design and gives an explanation of the differences between horizontal and vertical scaling.



Lesson Description:

This lesson focuses on the concept of Reliability as it pertains to solution design. In particular, the lesson will discuss the uses and differences between the concepts of Availability and Recoverability.



Lesson Description:

This lesson addresses the design principle of Efficiency. What is Operational Efficiency, and what is Cost Efficiency? How do these concepts apply to solution design?

Requirement Gathering

Infrastructure and Assessment Overview


Lesson Description:

This lesson addresses the importance of requirements gathering and assessment and the need for clear objectives and an awareness of the underlying influences of the environment.

Assessing Technical Requirements


Lesson Description:

This lesson discusses the elements around technical requirements discovery and why it matters. It also covers some common goals and considerations to keep in mind when designing a solution.

Assessing Non-Technical Requirements


Lesson Description:

This lesson discusses the important factors to consider when engaging in a non-technical requirements discovery. Common goals and considerations of non-technical requirements assessments are covered as well.

Scenario - Assessing Requirements


Lesson Description:

This video is a scenario-based lesson. A minor technical challenge is presented as a subject against which the topics covered in previous lessons can be applied. Probable solutions to the technical requirements are presented and explained.

Optimization Concepts

Introduction to Consumption Optimization


Lesson Description:

This lesson defines Consumption Optimization and explains its importance in proper planning and execution of solution design. Topics include:Azure Subscription purchasing options Licensing Azure Service Usage

Azure Purchasing Options


Lesson Description:

In this lesson, we discuss the purchasing options available for Azure Subscriptions.

Azure Reservations


Lesson Description:

This lesson covers Azure Reservations. What are they, and when should they be used? Includes a list of current Azure services that are available for reservations. Link to Azure reservations info:

Azure Licensing


Lesson Description:

In this lesson, we discuss Microsoft product licensing and what options are available for the use of existing Microsoft licenses in an Azure environment. Link to Azure Mobility and Software Assurance:

Azure Product Pricing


Lesson Description:

In this lesson, we discuss the two positions from which resource cost optimization can be measured. Considerations for cost optimization are applied to four categories of Azure Services.Compute Identity Networking Storage

Managing Azure Costs


Lesson Description:

This lesson introduces the Cost Management app in the Azure portal. Cost Management capabilities and limitations are described and demonstrated, where applicable.

Azure Advisor


Lesson Description:

This lesson describes the function of the Azure Advisor and how it can improve resource optimization across five areas.Cost Security High Availability Performance Operational Excellence

Azure Pricing Calculator


Lesson Description:

This lesson introduces the Azure Pricing Calculator and briefly demonstrates how it can help create a cost estimation for Azure resources and services. Link to the Azure Pricing Calculator:

Azure Total Cost of Ownership Calculator


Lesson Description:

This lesson introduces the Azure Total Cost of Ownership calculator and explains its utility for comparing on-premise datacenter resources and cost against an equivalent resource deployment in Azure.

Lab Scenario - Pricing Calculator


Lesson Description:

This is an interactive session using the Azure Pricing Calculator to produce an estimate in a "real world" scenario. The video will give you the parameters for the estimate and we will examine the instructor's solution to compare with yours. Instructor solution: Please complete your cost estimation part of the lesson before using this


Course Conclusion and Next Steps


Lesson Description:

Congratulations on completing this course! I hope you found some value in it. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thanks!

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