3 years ago

I passed handily, but there were a few questions that caught me off guard

Linux Academy certainly helped me to review and prepare for the exam. I went through the whole course even reviewing the stuff that I knew cold.
But there were some exam topics that weren't covered in the course:
1. Active Directory - There were two detailed questions on configuring AD with AWS. I don't use AD (Linux, not Windows) and there wasn't any significant course detail on it.
2. Federated logins - There were a couple of questions relating to this too, which were more that just high level knowledge. And I didn't have much experience configuring them.

Those were the two major topics not covered. The rest of the information can be easily found in the white papers, the FAQs, the product pages and the Linux Academy coursework.

Tip: Spend some time learning about what is encrypted at rest, what can be encrypted at rest and how it's encrypted at rest. I'm glad I did.

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3 years ago
Congrats Clayton! Great job and thanks for the feedback.
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3 years ago
Great job, Clayton!
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3 years ago
Woohoo! Congrats, Clayton!
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3 years ago
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3 years ago
Congrats! Which AWS cert did you pass?
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3 years ago
Congrats! Thanks for the tip about the importance of understanding encrypted data at rest.
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3 years ago
Thanks for the feedback and for letting us know how the experience was! Congrats!
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3 years ago
Nic job!
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