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3 years ago

Passed AWS CSA-Associate level

Thanks to excellent content of Linux Academy, I was able to pass the Solutions Architect - Associate level exam. I passed on July 6th. But went out on vacation on the same day. Just returning today.
Great content.
I also read some FAQs. I read all the white papers listed in LA's required reading list.
Overall took 6 to 7 weeks, including the labs, quizzes etc. Ended up getting 89%.

Next step. Working on developers ...


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3 years ago
Image of braun0
3 years ago
What a great way to start off a vacation! Congrats, Sekar!
Image of christophelimpalair
3 years ago
Great job! Good luck with the Developer exam!
Image of stephen
3 years ago
Congrats Sekar!
Image of johnbryanzero
3 years ago
Wow, awesome job. Congratulations!
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3 years ago
Image of 2bearqloza
3 years ago
Sekar, you mentioned spending 6-7 weeks studying. How many hours per day (aprox) did you study?
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3 years ago
Congrats! Great job with only a short study period.
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3 years ago
Awesome job Sekar!
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3 years ago
Congrats, Sekar! Good luck on the dev exam!
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3 years ago
Hey Milos, I realized I did not take 6 to 7 weeks. (probably because I was in the airport jetlagged and half asleep). I took a good 11 to 12 weeks. I had a busy work schedule, so I ended up spending 3 to 4 hours per workday and 6 to 7 hours on weekends. Not sure if there is a way to edit my original post and change the time taken. I have made my notecard public (AWS CSA Study Notes). I also reviewed other public notecards. Notecards are very helpful. Thanks, Sekar