3 years ago

Passed AWS CSA Associate today!

Passed with an 85%. Thanks so much to Linux Academy for the awesome course content and hyper-responsiveness to my questions/suggestions by Christophe specifically! For others reading this I'd say my most valuable study aids starting with the most helpful were...

1) Experience - Hands-on time with the services. It's been part of my job for a few years now and I had built an indispensable foundation of experience. This alone would not have been enough to pass the test because I haven't used all the services covered and had several gaps in my knowledge, but thanks to...
2) Linux Academy - Fantastic content, very clearly explained and illustrated. The LA folks are clearly committed to the quality of their coursework. I had suggested a correction to a video midway through the course and it was fixed like the next day.
3) Anki ( - This is a tool rather than a source of information but found it super helpful for helping me study. I think I discovered it from someone else's post here on the community. However, I know LA has some flashcard functionality in beta right now so that could likely replace it at some point.
3) The security overview whitepaper
4) The storage options whitepaper
5) Retaking all the quizzes in the course

Good luck to anyone else planning on taking the quiz!

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3 years ago
Gratz Phil, and thanks for the info.
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3 years ago
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3 years ago
Phil, congratulations! Thanks for the kind words, and I'm glad to hear that our discussions helped you! Any plans on going after other AWS certifications?
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3 years ago
Great job! I'm glad we could help!
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3 years ago
For sure, Christophe. I'm thinking about taking a break from AWS and doing Linux+ and then maybe LPIC-2 first however. I actually did a community post about this entitled "Strike while the iron's hot? Could use your opinion." as I'm not sure if I should build on my AWS momentum or go fill in some of the gaps in my Linux knowledge first. I've been working with Linux for 4+ years now but primarily from a configuration management/automation perspective. I can certainly do more than basic troubleshooting but for instance my bash scripting skills aren't amazing, I use nano over vi, not great with awk/sed etc... Thoughts?
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3 years ago
Congratulations, Phil! Great work.
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3 years ago