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4 years ago

Pass AWS Developer Exam -- Linux Academy you guys are the best .... !!!!!!

I took the AWS Architect exam last year after and failed ... I was not using Linux Academy I used another reputable course but for some reason Linux Academy was the answer to passing with great score although we understand a pass is a pass but a high score makes you feel much better an encouraged to move on.

So here goes ... on April 08 I passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam ... which I already posted ... but with the confidence I went on ... kept studying .... yesterday April 28 I passed the AWS Certified Developer

with 89% WOW ... much better than the Architect exam which I thought I knew more.

Here is some advice ....

1. Take the practice exams here and understand why you are failing ... the best thing I like about Linux Academy you are pushed to understand.

2. If you are not working in the field then use the labs and by all means please get a AWS account to do your own practices.
3. Download the exam guide and read over it well look at what they say the are going to ask and make sure you know it.
4. Dynamodb - Study as much Dynamodb as you can ... If you followed Linux Academy path you probably already did the AWS Architect Exam ...this is sound information as 50% of the exam is based on you knowing Architecture.
5. SQS - Yes ... this one a got a couple of questions.
6. S3 - THIS IS HUGE understand s3 and understand encrypting at rest ...
7. EBS - understand security with EBS

Linux Academy thanks for all the help ... on to Sys Ops in the next 2 weeks I have 14 days to study .... :)

Question - When would you guys be doing the AWS devops course ....or is that in Linux Academy future ...

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4 years ago
Huge accomplishment - congratulations!
Image of ellejaclyn
4 years ago
Great job, Devon!
Image of christophelimpalair
4 years ago
YES!! That's awesome, congratulations!! Good luck with SysOps :)
Image of anthony
4 years ago
AWS DevOps is launching pre-release at end of May.
Image of stephen
4 years ago
Congrats on the pass Devon!
Image of dominodivine
4 years ago
Thanks for the great community guys
Image of dominodivine
4 years ago
Thanks Anthony can't wait for Sysops