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4 years ago

CSA - Pro passed

Passed, but scheduled it much sooner than I wanted to. (Company bonus opportunity ends tomorrow.) Passed the Associate level on March 15 and then went thru my company provided SkillPort training for the Professional side. (Dan Lechance narrates all those.) Didn't feel ready so signed up for Cloud Academy (which is preferred by my company) and ran thru that. Reviewed the 7 or 8 sample questions on the AWS site and barely came up with answers for 1/2 and no clue on the rest. LA seemed to be the preferred trainer from the blog posts I randomly found on the web so signed up here on 4/20 and brutally powered thru all 40hrs of the material (no labs). Took the sample exam from LA and scored failed. Went over all the material I missed until I understood the why for each answer. Took it again and still failed (but got significantly more correct.) Felt good. Paid my 40$ for the AWS practice exam on Sunday night. That was an eye opener. Scored a 42%! Took every minute to complete it. Went back over all those questions until I felt I knew the material again when I could on Monday. Up til 1am doing that. Back up at 6 to drive to testing site 2 hrs away.

77 questions. First 20 questions I felt solid. About 10 or so in the middle were shaky. The last 15 just felt like guesses (likely just fatigue). Only finished with 3 minutes left. Scored a not proud, but passing 69. (I console myself with this: What do you call the medical student who graduates last in their class? Doctor.)

Cert # 1995 for those interested.

I didn't like the tight and painfully aggressive timeline, but since my company way paying the fees and a bonus if done before tomorrow I didn't have anything to lose.

LA is definitely my new primary training resource moving forward. Anything I missed was my fault for not paying closer attention to, not due to not being covered. (Easily found and understood once I knew I didn't know it yet.)

Thanks again LA Team!

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4 years ago
Congratulations and way to cram for that bonus!
Image of ellejaclyn
4 years ago
Wow! That sounds like quite a process. Congrats on passing!
Image of makeittotop
4 years ago
tremendous! congrats!
Image of christophelimpalair
4 years ago
Mark, that's incredible. Congratulations on passing!
Image of stephen
4 years ago
Congrats Mark!
Image of rilindo
4 years ago
Image of jjacobs
4 years ago
Congrats Mark! That's some serious studying...
Image of justmy2centx
4 years ago
wow what a journey! congrats mark!
Image of josephkwf
4 years ago
Congrats! You are great with fun journey all day night... It is worth to experience, no more or no less!
Image of shabazz
4 years ago
Wow ! Congrats ! Mark, that was some "phew" momentous journey , you sound like an Actor in an Action Thriller ! they never die, they just get bruises here and there but they always bring the goods home ! Well done Mate ! I like the medical student / Doctor analogy ! hey a pass is a pass ! you've earned your stripes ! Congratulations once again.
Image of maverick72
4 years ago
inspirational !! LA's Rocky Balboa ladys and gents :D You get the same certificate as the guy that scored 90%+ !!
Image of djwisdom
4 years ago
Congratulations. Very inspirational.
Image of azaki13
4 years ago
Very inspirational journey! Congrats!! Gives me hope....I've done the whole CSA Pro training with labs, but haven't done the quizzes at the end...felt I was not prepared and now it's been more than a month....maybe I should get back to it and do what you did...Thanks for sharing.
Image of dominodivine
4 years ago
Congrats to you ...
Image of andrews.bain
4 years ago
Mark,Congratulations and well done! I went through a similar process on a recent (entry level) cert, and was advised a pass is a pass! Don't beat yourself up over it (great medical school analogy by the way)! I too learned if I you do not obtain a perfect (or "high") score on the exam and pass, the information gaps can easily be filled in afterwards. Fortunately, we all learn to from our exam results. What matters is you resolutely fought your way through it (within the required timeline) and passed! Thanks again for posting your experience.
Image of rkennington
4 years ago
I loved the medical analogy.Congratulations for hanging in there!
Image of azaki13
3 years ago
Congrats! And thanks for taking the time to describe what you went through.
Image of hunterferrell
3 years ago