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4 years ago

Passed LPI Linux Essentials... What's next?

Overdue but I passed the LPI Linux Essentials Exam. Longtime self taught Linux user (and by that I mean reading books, running servers, building out systems). I was a bit resistant in taking the Essentials course here because I felt I already knew a lot. Though there was a lot of material covered I was already familiar with I did find that a lot of gaps were covered. Glad I too the course and I plan on moving along with some of the other courses though I am not sure which one to take next.

LPI or Red Hat?
I like how LPI covers a wider range of systems and I have been a Ubuntu guy for years. I do like how the Red Hat exam is lab based. Any opinions on which certification route helps most with job offers / salary ranges.

Right now I am leaning a bit towards the Red Hat route but would like to hear some feedback.

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4 years ago
Red hat
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4 years ago
Awesome Job Jose!
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4 years ago
Congratulations on passing!
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4 years ago
Congratulations, Jose!And if you're interested in a performance-based exam that isn't limited to Red Hat, you can always look into the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator exam. We also offer a course on it. :)
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4 years ago
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4 years ago
Congrats Jose!