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4 years ago

Passed the exam. today - Solution Architect Assoicate

90 minutes total, 60 questions - 80 minutes, 5 survey questions - 10 minutes. If you skip the survey questions, you couldn't be able to get the result right away and you have to wait for an email from AWS later time within a day requesting you to get it complete as told by the Exam. Proctor.

Questions relating to Implementation & Deployment, and Troubleshooting are pretty much in great extent. Questions on HVM AMIs against instance type,cross-AZ/regional reserved instance, Route 53 A/CNAME and alias, encrypted EBS-backed volume, S3, Storage Gateway, etc.

I take this opportunity to say a thank to LA as being this practical and handy materials and good for me to listen when I'm on travel.

Have a blessed day.

Image of anthony
4 years ago
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4 years ago
Nice job!
Image of braun0
4 years ago
Congrats, Joseph.What do you mean about skipping the survey/getting your results? I skipped the survey at the end of each of my exams, and always got my results immediately (on screen in the testing center).
Image of ellejaclyn
4 years ago
Congratulations, Joseph!
Image of christophelimpalair
4 years ago
Great job passing!
Image of josephkwf
4 years ago
This is my first time to take AWS exam so it is better follow what her instruction. Thanks again your input.
Image of stephen
4 years ago
Congrats Joseph!
Image of Danny
4 years ago
Good job!!