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4 years ago

Passed RHCSA (and Comptia Linux+/Lpic 1)

Finally :)
So, I would like to thank Linux Academy, and everyone else on this forum, for providing one of the most amazing resource for getting ready for the exams.
I have finished Lpic 1 (by doing Comptia Linux+) last October, but for some reason didnt share it here. I focused hard on RHCSA lately, and today got my results. 300/300 :)

I`ll answer some questions which I know people have been asking (as have I).

My primary resource of study was Linux Academy. I am not just saying that cause I am here, but because it is true :)
I see LA as a study website, plus a growing community, and this website is partly the reason why I decided to get into Linux even more.
The materials provided here are amazing, and the Labs (both Live Labs, and servers we can use) have been just awesome.
Other than LA, I watched Sander`s videos, and I like them. If you can get them too, they would be my second choice.
I also did Sander`s book , which was good, aside from the practice exams.
I read Ghori`s book as well, and I liked it as a Linux book, but not too much as a RHCSA study book. It is good, but I think Sander`s book is better overall.
I did CertDepot, and it is a great resource, as it is free, but I would not use it as the only source for study. I think videos are very important part of getting ready.

Also, for those who would like to know, I did my exam in Seoul, South Korea.
I came here for a vacation (I lived here for some time, and I like to come back), and I realized that the exam here was around 115e which is slightly more in USD. Which was 1/4 of the regular European RHCSA price. They raised the price to 230e, since 2016 (I payed during the grace period, so I got the 2015 price), but that is still half the current price in most of the countries.
If you are not Korean, but want to do it here for some reason, let me know, I`ll give you more details, and instructions how to get there, and what to expect due to the language barriers.

I`m gonna do bash and python scripting now, and them slowly move to RHCE.
Thank you all once again.

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4 years ago
Congratulations Milos! Perfect score!Thanks for all the great info too! I was on the same path but switched to LFCS then RHSCA just because Linux academy had a sale at the time and the RHSCA is the one I *really* want. I have my LFCS next month, then hoping to book my RHCSA if I pass.I've been using the ghori book, but am waiting on delivery of the Jang one. I might have to check out these Sanders videos.Congratulations again, a perfect score is no mean feat, and from what I hear of the RHCSA that's especially true lol
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4 years ago
Tnx :) Good luck with the exams.
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4 years ago
Good job and perfect score.
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4 years ago
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4 years ago
Nice job!
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4 years ago
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4 years ago
Great job, Milos! Thank you for sharing your experience.
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4 years ago
Thank you for the kind words and congratulations!