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4 years ago

Passed the AWS architect - Associate

I want to share the news of my success! I cleared the exam on my second try after missing the mark with 1 question on first try. Based on my experience, I would recommend to complete the lessons at a slower pace with focus on every detail that is discussed or explained. Chapters are organized based on aws services. At the end of each chapter go to aws website and go through all the faqs related to that aws service. AWS has organized it very well based on the service. Complete the hands on labs and do practice tests at the end multiple times. You will find a few different questions each time you take the test. However the practice tests are only to get an idea of areas and topics that would be tested in the actual test and to get an idea about the format. Actual test is much tougher than the practice tests you do with this course. Good luck!

Image of stephen
4 years ago
Congrats Durga!
Image of christophelimpalair
4 years ago
Great job Durga! Congratulations!
Image of ellejaclyn
4 years ago
Congratulations, Durga!