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4 years ago

Passed AWS SAA

Got 80% for the exam.

A few of these caught me by surprise or maybe just me wasn't well prepared

1. PVM vs. HVM
2. Cross-AZ/regional reserved instance
3. Route 53 A/CNAME and alias

Anyway, thanks Linux Academy

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4 years ago
Congratulations on your certification - nice job!
Image of ellejaclyn
4 years ago
Great job, Edward!
Image of stephen
4 years ago
Congrats Edward!
Image of braun0
4 years ago
Congrats Edward!And yes, I had some confusion with Route 53 A/CNAME and alias questions during prep. The confusion has to do with the fact that you can set an "alias" for all record types in aws. While doing various practice tests, I encountered the same basic question (how to route a website to an ELB) multiple times, each with a different correct answer: A record Alias, CNAME, or just "set an alias".
Image of christophelimpalair
4 years ago
Great job passing!